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The Spaceport Company has recently established its operations at Port Bienville. The company specializes in producing vessels designed to launch rockets from the sea. Among these vessels is the “Once in a Lifetime,” which began operations at Port Bienville in early May, marking a significant milestone in the company’s expansion and technological advancements in the space industr

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It is one thing to talk about trash. It is another to try and make a point about why it matters. That was and continues to be the goal of my good friend Dr. Judy Dalgo, an avid outdoor enthusiast who decided to do something about it. Judy has been a trash collector for 20 years – picking up trash washed up on the Ocean Springs beach where she strolls to enjoy the view. And that is her point about trash – it destroys the view.

Sometimes common names for plants are spot on. Devil’s Walking Stick is just such a well-named plant. Also known as Hercules’ Club, this understory tree sports thorns and spines that are designed to keep animals from eating it – and others from touching it – like us! Apart from its prickly nature, this understory tree has a number of features that make it stand out to those of us that pay close attention to details of plants.

In a significant step toward advancing naval capabilities in seabed warfare, uncrewed systems autonomy, and ocean data science, the Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (COMNAVMETOCCOM) has partnered with The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).