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One spring day in 2020, I found a small, almost empty bottle of hand-sanitizer in a bathroom drawer and jumped for joy even though it had expired five years beforehand. I’d won the lottery and was holding a golden egg. That year, because of Covid-19, hand-sanitizer became “scarcer than hen’s teeth.”

As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s common to reflect on our mothers and how they have influenced our lives, both as children and, if we’re lucky, as adults.

Mothers have a lot of sayings, don’t they? Between terms of endearment, words of wisdom, and your full name being said with “the look,” we all have phrases that remind us of our Moms.

What are the best baseball movies of all time? Baseball flicks, or good ones, anyway, have traditionally outdone films made about other sports as a whole. (In numbers, too: according to Wikipedia, there have actually been 180 movies made about baseball.) I think perhaps that baseball lends itself to theatre more so due to the nuances of the game and the often poetic stories it creates.

Today is February 29 and it’s Leap Day. As you know, this day comes around about every four years (more on this later). It’s been associated with a variety of ancient customs, folklore, superstitions and traditions. But other than having an extra day to your year, how much do you know about Leap Day and Leap Year?  Here are some facts about this day.

Mississippi is truly one of the most beautiful and unique places in the United States. Sometimes, we may forget how much this state has to offer and how many amazing, famous people are from here.

With backgrounds in Christian and ancient Roman traditions, the history of Valentine’s Day—its origins and tradition—is often shrouded in mystery. Just exactly who was St. Valentine, the patron saint who is acknowledged for bringing about this special day of love to the month of February

2024 is almost here and it’s a time for celebration! Common traditions include attending parties, eating special foods, making resolutions, and watching fireworks. It’s a day to reminisce about the year and make plans for good habits in the new year. But how much do you know about the holiday or about the different ways in which people celebrate? Here are 24 fun facts about New Year’s Eve/Day:

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin. From pies, to spiced lattes, to fun fragrances, pumpkin has been the theme for fall festivities. But when did it start? When did pumpkin become so popular for fall? And why on earth is pumpkin spice so popular? Keep reading to find out.

Whether your favorite team is Ole Miss, USM, William Carey, Jones County Community College, Pearl River Community College, Mississippi State, or another one of the accredited schools in our state, you want to make sure you can find something that represents your favorite Mississippi team this season.

I’m sure fall is on all of our minds, as Mississippians, amid several 100+ degree days, but do not fret. Cooler weather is way closer than you may imagine, and we are getting ready for all of the best fall fashion choices so we can be warm, comfy, and en vogue.