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Mississippi is jumping with entertainment and things to do. Find the scoop right here!

Tupelo, Mississippi, the hometown of Elvis Presley, is the perfect weekend getaway! Nestled up in the northeastern part of the state, Tupelo is the only city in the southern United States to be named an “All America City.” Not once, but five times! With good reason too! Check out the top ten things to do in Tupelo, and see why Southern Living selected it as Mississippi’s town for “The South’s Most Storied Streets.”

Some people say the distinctive sweetness of these Mississippi melons all comes down to the loamy soil in Smith County; others say it’s just a tradition of family excellence learned and then passed down from generation to generation of Smith County farmers. 

In case you haven’t heard, Festival South is winding down this year. If you’re a lover of art— be it visual, literary, or performance, you’ll want to plan to attend next year. It kicked off on May 1, 2024. The final performances will be July 27. This superb, multi week  festival is the art lovers’ dream. 

Tim Rogers says many things in life rely on connections. His most recent networking experience connected him to some Nashville legends.
Rogers, of Lucedale, Miss., grew up in a musical family and has been a musician since he was eight years old

Best friends and college roommates Jon Micah Tyson and Nick Raynor, who have been lifelong board game lovers, co-founded Tortugas Games. One night, after playing board games, the pair spontaneously decided to bring their passions and creative talents together to create something new for families and friends to enjoy. 

Nashville, TN – Since before he was born, Zachariah Smith has been a miracle. The heartbeat that was later found during his mother’s pregnancy was the first sign that God has a plan for him. Everything can change in a moment.

Smith has always captured the hearts of everybody he comes into contact with, whether it is on stage or during his direct service to his community. 

As FestivalSouth opens its 15th season with the Broadway hit “Jersey Boys” through Saturday, June 1, the celebration follows with a special free FestivalMusic and Artie Events for Families collaboration, “The Not So Silent Movie,” featuring Dr. Douglas Rust at the organ, accompanying a double feature of Charlie Chaplain films, “Easy Street” and “The Adventurer.”