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The biggest marketing question for any business or organization should be: How do we reach our audience?

Since the conception of OurMShome, once known as “JaxCoHome,” our readership has grown exponentially. Most of our feedback has been, “Finally somewhere to go to get GOOD NEWS, and not the death and destruction exploited by other news outlets and major mainstream media.” We take pride in being the premier “good news” site for the state. Our readership now boasts over 50K readers per week, most of which are all inside our great state. What a way to make a statement to your captive patrons! Be part of something positive and know that your business will be shown in good light, and not next to the latest carjacking or homicide. 🙁

Why Our Mississippi Home?

Our Mississippi Home is a website dedicated to bringing visitors refreshingly positive news stories to showcase the good things happening in our Magnolia State. Our readers are locals who are proud to call Mississippi home, and visitors who have fallen in love with the people and charm of our tremendous state. Our Mississippi Home controls the narrative despite the negativity of mainstream media. Be a part of the good news community and be prepared to be uplifted.

Proof in the data

There is a saying in the digital marketing world, “data don’t lie.” Because we are a digital-only platform we have data that proves our readership numbers, location, devices they use to access our content, and much more. We do not sell you advertising that people “might see” on the side of the road, or “might see” during a broadcast. Whether you are looking for brand awareness or an aggressive business spotlight campaign, we are here to help. Our Mississippi Home is operated by Digital Coast Media, LLC (DCM) , a gulf coast based digital marketing agency. 

Stats (updated 11/2022)

Facebook Insights

Followers: 25,368K
Post Reach: 1.6M /m
Engagement: 103.5K /wk
Content interactions: 10.7K /wk

Instagram Insights

Followers: 6.298
IG Reach: 35K /wk
Post reach: 11.9K /wk
Engagement: 3.4k /wk

Website Analytics

Unique visitors: 105K /wk
Pageviews: 147K /wk
Male vs. Female: 50/50
Device: 84% mobile

Weekly Newsletter

Audience size: 9987
Open rate: 31.9%
Click rate: 1.9%

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