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There are a vast number of ingredients that pair well with pasta, from the simple pasta carbonara (hot pasta, raw eggs, bacon and parm), one of the most popular dishes in Italy, to the even simpler pasta, olive oil and freshly grated parm. Is it hard to think of a vegetable or meat that would not go with pasta, don’t you think?

Salmon has to be one of my favorite fish of all. Fat, succulent, and bone free if you get a filet. It requires little seasoning, just a shake of salt maybe, it or some Tony’s, and that’s it! What makes a filet of salmon really good is when its cooked properly. It can be baked or sauteed, but the real diversity is the method: it can be blackened, honey glazed, smoked, cooked in garlic butter, a Greek recipe with a dill sauce: its really almost and endless list. 

A quick look at Rockin Chicken and Waffle’s Facebook page and you know exactly what this place is all about, Chicken and waffles. The place is relatively new (its only four months old), but the people I have talked to that have eaten there just rave about it. One Facebook comment even said that they would never eat chicken anywhere else again. That says a lot!

Off the beaten path, you’ll find Doe’s Eat Place in The Mississippi Delta. This award-winning bucket list destination attracts locals, foodies, out-of-towners, U.S. Presidents, and movie stars alike! Known for its out-of-this-world steaks and famous tamales, the family-owned restaurant has been at the heart of the Delta for nearly a century.

The French originally served charcuterie before the main meal, as an elegant appetizer or first course, but they have become so popular that they are now served at almost any time in the meal, or even as the main course. 

When I first started seriously cooking, I thought that for something to be really good, it had to be complicated, using expensive ingredients, and probably be French as well. But now I know better. In fact, it is often the opposite. Simple is almost always better.