One of my favorite things to make is red sauce, and there are a small handful of recipes I like to use. Most often I pair it with pasta (bucatini is my favorite), but there are other good possibilities, like grits that have been poured into a mold (so they are not just a plop on the a plate) and topped with a simple red sauce.

Pacesetter Gallery invites the public to their 3rd Annual Birthday Party on July 27, 2024, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. to celebrate three years in business and being named the 2024 Best Mississippi Art Gallery. Partygoers will have a chance to win art and will be treated to cake at the gallery’s Flowood, Mississippi location, in the Dogwood area next to Kohl’s at 310 Ridge Way.

Moon trees are grown from seeds that have traveled to the moon or orbited it. Mississippi is home to at least three moon trees in Starkville and Cleveland. These trees foster educational opportunities for the communities and the U.S. Forest Service. 

Teachers and students are returning to school in The Magnolia State over the next few weeks. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be a hectic time full of to-do lists, items to purchase, “Meet the Teacher,” and let’s not forget getting back on a school schedule.

Here are some helpful tips to help families prepare for going back to school and find joy in the journey while doing it.

For millions of fans worldwide, Kermit the Frog stars in some of their earliest memories. Whether playing the banjo in the swamp or flailing with excitement to introduce “The Muppet Show,” Kermit is a beloved cultural icon.

One Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, among the world’s most endangered sea turtle species, has had its third successful visit for specialized care at Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Better known by university veterinarians as Toast Malone, this turtle recently arrived with a fishhook lodged in its stomach. MSU Professor and CVM Internist Dr. John Thomason performed an endoscopy to successfully remove the fishhook, saving its life.

Some people say the distinctive sweetness of these Mississippi melons all comes down to the loamy soil in Smith County; others say it’s just a tradition of family excellence learned and then passed down from generation to generation of Smith County farmers. 

There are a variety of reason for American’s love of wings. Perhaps foremost, is our love of hand portable foods (it’s the reason tamales became popular to the farm workers in the Mississippi Delta as a food they could take to the fields with them). But there can be no denying that wings are just plan delicious.

The recent Independence Day holiday featured fireworks and food for many families with one of those foods more than likely being watermelon. July 4 and the preceding weeks mark watermelon season, and unfortunately for watermelon connoisseurs like me, the holiday also marks a time period when homegrown watermelons become less abundantly available.