If you’re a frequenter of such late-night establishments as The Juke Joint or The Cannery, then hopefully you’ve had the pleasure of rocking out to Burn N Redd. These long-time friends have separately made their impression on the coastal rock, goth, and metal scene for years now. While tremendously talented performers on their own, it is their combined talents that will really blow you away. 

“If all of history’s musicians formed a band, Mississippi bluesmen would play lead guitar.” It’s no secret that the Magnolia State is filled with talent, but it seems to have more than its fair share of musical genius. 

To see some of the amazing talents that have hailed from Mississippi and from around the country, you’ve got to visit America at the Crossroads: The Guitar and a Changing Nation, presented by the National GUITAR Museum at the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience (The MAX) in historic downtown Meridian. 

The Italians have roughly three hundred different kinds of pasta (if you think that is a lot, the Chinese have about one thousand two hundred kinds of noodles), but the Italian varieties can be broken down into two basic categories: fresh and dried. Eighty percent of pasta eaten in Italy is dried, and the balance is fresh.

Of the many species of carnivorous plants that inhabit our world, sundews are my favorites. They trap their insect diet with a carpet of short glands with sticky tips that grow from the surface of their leaves. The glue-like substance at the tips of these glands glisten in the sun, giving these plants their common name – sundews.