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During season eight of HGTV’s Home Town, featuring the renovation of Jones College’s Old President’s House on the Ellisville campus by two of JC’s famous alumni, Ben and Erin Napier of Laurel, Jones College President Dr. Jesse Smith announced a new program to be named in the couple’s honor. An old factory building currently houses maintenance and housekeeping departments, along with storage, will be transformed into a centralized home for training future craftsmen to help rebuild hometowns across the country. It is called the Erin and Ben Napier School of Design and Building Construction.

Donna Yowell has earned the title of the “First Lady of Horticulture in Mississippi.” Born and educated in Mississippi, Yowell has a heart for farming and teaching, a passion for preservation and organization, and the determination to make a positive economic impact. For over thirty years, Yowell has worked tirelessly to bring a whole new growing and flowering cottage industry to farming in Mississippi. 

Memory Carouthers is making a difference in North Mississippi, one prom dress at a time. Memory’s Magical Dresses and Formal Wear Giveaway provides dresses, tuxedoes, jewelry, and shoes to junior high and high students free of charge for proms and dances. The non-profit organization celebrates its fifth year this month by giving out over 1,000 dresses and tuxedos to youth in the greater Tupelo area.

Many know Joe Burrow as the talented Cincinnati Bengals quarterback or the young man who stated a few years ago that he was “just a kid from Athens” who set a Heisman record while at LSU.” No doubt about it, Joe Burrow is an exceptional athlete. However, in Amory, MS, he is affectionately called “Joey” by grandparents and other locals who have watched him grow up.

To help make your plans for the next couple of months, here are a few of the top Spring Festivals in Mississippi. Get out your calendar now and mark down these important dates for some festival fun that you do not want to miss.

That’s right, lacrosse. One of the oldest games currently being played today is gaining popularity in the Gulf South, and the Pine Belt is right in the middle of the action.
The Hub City Lacrosse Club is in its fifth year of existence and is based at the Sacred Heart High School Sports Complex.

Their love of all things nostalgic has led them to host the Old School Festival, sponsored by Osprey and C-Spire. On March 9, Erin and Ben Napier will be hosting workshops on the simple pleasures of life and teaching invaluable skills while the children get a chance to interact with one another without a phone or digital device in their hands.

Spring break is right around the corner, and hundreds (possibly thousands) of Mississippians will be looking for the perfect place to have their spring break staycation. Luckily, you don’t have to leave the state to experience a fun, memorable staycation.