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For years, coffee has been an integral component of American culture. Who knew that a little coffee bean would become such a beloved staple in our lives? Amongst many coffee shops in Mississippi is one called Coffee Haus. Located in the city of Columbia, Coffee Haus has gained great popularity with locals and across the state for its mouthwatering coffee selections. 

Every good biscuit is made with love. And every Southern family has that one person with the secret touch. They can get that bowl of flour and work in their fats and make a perfectly fluffy and flaky biscuit. Whether you add jam, jelly, bacon, or sausage or top it with gravy, there is no argument that buttermilk biscuits are a staple in Southern cuisine. Since 2008, there has yet to be an argument that Natchez, Mississippi, is the Biscuit Capital of the World and home to the Queen of Biscuits. 

According to Coach Grant Teaff, “The best teachers coach their students, and the best coaches are great teachers.” 

Teaff should know, since he is a College Hall of Fame Coach who spent most of his career at Baylor University, racking up some great wins and impressive stats. Probably none of those numbers were more impressive to Teaff than his 10 wins against rival University of Texas while coaching the Baylor Bears. 

Have you ever wondered about Lyon, Mississippi? This charming town, nestled in Coahoma County, with a population of just 259, is a world unto itself. We are not just ‘Lyon.’

The small town is named after the French city of Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. With Clarksdale nearby (approximately 2.5 miles away), there’s not much to do in the tiny town of Lyon. However, they have still made their mark in The Magnolia State with delicious carnival food and a giant Sponge Bob sign that can be seen for miles off Highway 61. 

Summers in Mississippi are extra southern sometimes, aren’t they?  Now that it’s nearly summertime, the Mississippi heat is definitely here to stay…until at least October.

Luckily, there are plenty of places to cool off in the Magnolia State. Mississippi offers a variety of beautiful beaches, lakes, watering holes, and there are also several waterparks.

Charlie’s U-Pik is part of many people’s summer traditions. The farm started in the ’90s when Mr. Charlie planted too many tomato plants and advertised in the paper for people to come pick them. There are two locations of the U-Pik farms, one in Lucedale (the original) and a second location in Wiggins. Lucedale is a 100-acre farm and serves the Leakesville, Meridian, and Mobile, Alabama area. The Wiggins farm is 50 acres and serves the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Hattiesburg, and Louisiana.

As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s common to reflect on our mothers and how they have influenced our lives, both as children and, if we’re lucky, as adults.

Mothers have a lot of sayings, don’t they? Between terms of endearment, words of wisdom, and your full name being said with “the look,” we all have phrases that remind us of our Moms.

The love of literature, food, and fellowship is the foundation of the Page & Table supper club that happens every few months at Reed’s GumTree Bookstore in Tupelo, Mississippi. The group is a partnership between Lauren McElwain, founder of the nonprofit Cooking as a First Language, and Lori Jones, manager of Reed’s GumTree Bookstore. Meeting each quarter, the group provides a way to establish a sense of community with other readers and foodies. 

Summer is quickly approaching. The weather is getting warmer. Teachers and students are eager to enjoy a summer of fun. One of the most popular activities for American children is attending a summer camp. The connections made at thesinitely want to enroll te camps can last a lifetime. Thankfully, Mississippi has summer camps for every type of student and interest.

More and more each day, Mississippians are heading outdoors to enjoy our state’s gorgeous, warmer weather. 

And as we rush headlong into May, the school year is quickly drawing closer to an end. For my grandkids, that will mean as much swimming as they can possibly shove into their summer break.