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Karah Younger has always shown a talent for art. With encouragement from family and friends to practice her passion, she has gained experience over the years pursue her passions been interested in art. After starting on a few different education paths, she has finally found the one that best suits her background and career interests. She has also been able to pivot her craft during this difficult time to expand her style and commissions.

Lewis Grizzard, the late, great Southern humorist and columnist, once wrote a book “They Tore My Heart Out and Stomped That Sucker Flat,” which was about the major open heart surgery he endured. Certainly not comparing the relative seriousness of the two, but since I had a full knee replacement on February 26, I’m thinking of writing something like “They Ripped My Knee Apart and Forgot To Tell Me How Much It Would Hurt” (although they did tell me).

The Salvation Army, the nation’s largest social services organization with more than 7,600 service locations across the country, is increasing efforts to meet human need. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the organization has evolved service delivery to ensure that immediate needs of community members, first responders, and government partners are met.

Over 50 people looking to improve their health and wellness are participating in the Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA’s Y Fit Challenge. The program, which runs for eight weeks, kicked off this Saturday and aims to help participants make lifestyle changes to make them successful in their fitness and weight loss goals.