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Our greatest asset in Mississippi is our people. Get to know the people who make up our Mississippi home!

Glowing Embers is a locally owned candle business that is based in Hattiesburg, MS. It is co-owned by Quiera Montgomery and DaMeka Felder. Queira is married to her husband, Kendrick Montogmery, with whom she will be celebrating their 13th anniversary in August. She came from a hard working family. Both Quiera’s mother and husband have renal disease. She has a brother, with autism, named Gregory. 

Two outstanding students from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College – Breland Graves and Emily Montgomery – have been selected as 2024 Coca-Cola Academic Team Scholars. Graves earned the prestigious Gold Scholar designation, while Montgomery received the Silver Scholar recognition. Both students are from the Jackson County Campus.

Two students in The University of Southern Mississippi (USM)’s Art and Design program have been named to the highly anticipated 2024 Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) “Students to Watch” list.

USM Graphic Design seniors, Autumn Graves, of Hattiesburg, Miss., and Grace May of Puckett, Miss., were selected to be among this year’s cohort of aspiring designers due to their talent and potential to make significant contributions to the field.

Donna Yowell has earned the title of the “First Lady of Horticulture in Mississippi.” Born and educated in Mississippi, Yowell has a heart for farming and teaching, a passion for preservation and organization, and the determination to make a positive economic impact. For over thirty years, Yowell has worked tirelessly to bring a whole new growing and flowering cottage industry to farming in Mississippi. 

Memory Carouthers is making a difference in North Mississippi, one prom dress at a time. Memory’s Magical Dresses and Formal Wear Giveaway provides dresses, tuxedoes, jewelry, and shoes to junior high and high students free of charge for proms and dances. The non-profit organization celebrates its fifth year this month by giving out over 1,000 dresses and tuxedos to youth in the greater Tupelo area.

Pandemic entrepreneurs started over 4 million new businesses in the U.S. during 2020—the highest total on record. People responded to forced furloughs, layoffs, and business closures by starting small businesses. Some started simply out of boredom and needing to pass the time. That was how Wholly Fire Foods from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, started. James Louis, a retired teacher, enrollment officer, and recruiter for Tougaloo College, and his wife found themselves at home, looking to pass the time. Louis, an avid cook suffering from high blood pressure, decided to try gardening. 

John O’Conner is a beloved bartender and music connoisseur at Ground Zero Blues Club-Biloxi. The 65-year-old has always been passionate about live music and making people smile. So, when news traveled along the Mississippi Gulf Coast Line that John’s home burnt down and he was severely injured, Ground Zero-Biloxi staff, patrons, and the community rallied together.