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Explore the foodie paradise found in Mississippi. Tasty recipes, where to dine, and more.

Tasty Thursday is a monthly event the 4th Thursday of every month. Selected vendors invade the old Singing River Mall Property along Hwy 90. The atmosphere is festive with highly decorated stands, flags, umbrellas, and contests.

October is definitely a gumbo month, although I’d like to see it just a bit cooler. Making gumbo in a summer-time hot kitchen just doesn’t seem right. But it certainly is just fine to start talking about it. So, let’s get one thing straight from the beginning, gumbo isn’t a recipe, it’s an opinion. I know the gumbo makers out there are rolling their eyes: what does this guy know about gumbo. Am I right?

Gumbo is a magical recipe in many ways, not only is it delicious when properly prepared, but I truly believe in its restorative powers. It’s also not a meal to be prepared or served alone. It’s a meal to make for family and friends. It is something to be shared.

I’ve had a lot of good things to say about the food scene in Jackson County Home over the last few months, but the new Our Mississippi Home now celebrates the three lower counties, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, and pays a little attention to George County and Hattiesburg as well. That’s a wide net, my friend, but I have been traveling the back roads of Mississippi as a food and travel writer for 10 years and nothing excites me more than more interesting places to visit.

Have you ever struggled to make fluffy, white rice like they do on TV?  Have you tried steaming it in a pot and burned it? There are a few other fancy recipes out there that take forever and produce marginal results, so what’s a poor cook to do?

Do any of these names ring a bell: True Wings, Twisted Magnolia, Mac Daddy’s Creole Kitchen, Chef in a Box, California Taco’s, Chow Me Down, Gourmet Grilled Cheese, or Charro’s Hot Tamales? They should if you are a foodie of any merit! They are all part of the food truck invasion that has hit Jackson County in the past year or so.