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    One of my favorite things to make is red sauce, and there are a small handful of recipes I like to use. Most often I pair it with pasta (bucatini is my favorite), but there are other good possibilities, like grits that have been poured into a mold (so they are not just a plop on the a plate) and topped with a simple red sauce.


    Moon trees are grown from seeds that have traveled to the moon or orbited it. Mississippi is home to at least three moon trees in Starkville and Cleveland. These trees foster educational opportunities for the communities and the U.S. Forest Service. 

    One Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, among the world’s most endangered sea turtle species, has had its third successful visit for specialized care at Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Better known by university veterinarians as Toast Malone, this turtle recently arrived with a fishhook lodged in its stomach. MSU Professor and CVM Internist Dr. John Thomason performed an endoscopy to successfully remove the fishhook, saving its life.

    One of my favorite native trees is Sourwood – Oxydendrum arboreum. I love them for several traits that make them stand out in our landscape. Although Sourwood can grow to be large trees, many are found in the understory of our forests where they have an arching habit, rather than standing straight