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For years, coffee has been an integral component of American culture. Who knew that a little coffee bean would become such a beloved staple in our lives? Amongst many coffee shops in Mississippi is one called Coffee Haus. Located in the city of Columbia, Coffee Haus has gained great popularity with locals and across the state for its mouthwatering coffee selections. 

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Every good biscuit is made with love. And every Southern family has that one person with the secret touch. They can get that bowl of flour and work in their fats and make a perfectly fluffy and flaky biscuit. Whether you add jam, jelly, bacon, or sausage or top it with gravy, there is no argument that buttermilk biscuits are a staple in Southern cuisine. Since 2008, there has yet to be an argument that Natchez, Mississippi, is the Biscuit Capital of the World and home to the Queen of Biscuits.